SHIP:TEMBER - 30 Spaceships in 30 Days - PROJECT COMPLETE!

General / 05 October 2020

I finished my Ship:Tember project - check it out on my artstation gallery:


SHIP:TEMBER - An Everydays Project.

General / 14 September 2020

I absolutely love spaceships - whether in the realms of fiction or the imagination I often find nothing cooler. I've had a super busy 2019 & 2020 so far. In that time I had built up a large backlog of projects yet to be finished. Many of them are vehicle concepts and a large chunk of those being spaceships. So I wanted a reason to really finish these off or at least explore some of these ideas and see where they could go.

Most of August I was prepping to release a bunch of these as an art dump in various forms - ie sketches, concepts, etc. Then with the trend of renaming a month for art purposes, I thought it would be funny to use September as an excuse to release these spaceships - Hence Ship:tember was born.

So I hope to make it to the full 30 days - at the time of posting, I'm a few days behind. and just a quick rundown of the process - they are a mix of traditional sketches refined digitally, digital sketches, Using a 3D base - bringing them to 90% completion in 3D as well as some Houdini experiments. So far I'm having fun & definitely leaning more on shape exploration - I've also seen a few I would like to take further and really flesh out.

I've done a year of everydays before so I know I've got the stamina but the consistency was all over the place - a key aim with this one is for it to appear as a cohesive project and body of work. 

Lets see where this ends up.

Here's what I have so Far... see them daily at


Network, Train, Work Hard and Learn 3D! Episode 7 of The Learn Squared Podcast with Nick Hiatt

General / 14 September 2020

In this episode, Nick Hiatt gives the lowdown on how to survive the entertainment industry and what qualities you need to make yourself an irreplaceable asset. Also, get an insight into how and why Nick built his course and how it will revolutionize the way you create stories.

Listen Here:

Check out Nick's work here:


The Learn Squared Podcast – Episode 8: Irena Smitakova - You Need to LEARN to FAIL

General / 07 September 2020

In this episode, we welcome Irena Smitakova. A Matte Painter, Environment Generalist, Concept Artist & Mentor. Irena’s passion for her craft knows no bounds. Having worked on projects such as Lion King, Call of the Wild, to name a few, we discover how our Intro to Matte Painting class w/ Maxx Burman helped Irena on her journey.

Irena also mentors students, listen to find out which BIG NAME artist surprised her when they signed up for her mentorship. Irena also offers free resources to up and coming artists via her Alpha Brush brand.

Listen Here:


Can Art Change Lives? Episode 6 of The Learn Squared Podcast with Jonas Hassibi

General / 28 July 2020

Episode 6: Jonas Hassibi LISTEN NOW! 

Creatives attest to how powerful art can be, But what of the consumer? Is art something only to be devoured or can it have a profound effect and change the course of their lives? This is what we discuss in this episode of The Learn Squared Podcast with the amazing Jonas Hassibi.




General / 22 July 2020

We are now up 5 Episodes on The Learn Squared Podcast and many more to come!
From Students at varying stages of their careers to out exemplary instructors - I get the chance to get into the minds of these amazing creatives and see what makes them tick as well as what made them who they are. Listen now on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Youtube.

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Spotify -


The Learn Squared Podcast

General / 26 May 2020

I've been working at Learn Squared now for around 2 years now and I guess I'm the 'Head of Propaganda and Memes.' It's been a great journey so far and one which has seen me wear many hats - from producing marketing art to writing blogs and now I'll be heading up The Learn Squared Podcast. A podcast that will take a closer look at the students, instructors & friends of Learn Squared.  The first episode is with the immensely talented Lars Sowig  and you can catch the podcast here: I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for future episodes. Finally I'd like to thank L2 Head Honchos Andrew Hawryluk and Maciej Kuciara for the opportunity! 



Sketching - D-TRN:Collector

General / 27 February 2020

Here’s a painting over a doodle I did a while back which I felt had the potential to be developed further.


Original Sketch



Everyday's - Month 12

General / 03 August 2019

(originally written Nov 2017)

1 whole year. 1 sol. 365 days, whatever you want to call it. I just did it. A whole year of creating ‘concept art’ (if it must be given a label). What on earth was I thinking? Only towards the end of this endeavor, when I began to think about not doing consecutive dailies, did I realise how much this endeavor has consumed and enveloped myself and my family.

So a special shout out to Beeple and others who hit and continued past the 365 day mark. Whether you put it out there for the world to see or not, you guys rock!

I had high hopes for this last month, wanting to really push my work. I had aimed to plan and prep a few design ideas that I would execute in my every-days... it never happened. So as I result I pretty much mirrored month 1 in that I was happy to have completed a piece and within a strict time frame.

In previous months I had really lost control of my time management and powered through everything which was great but it always came at a cost, particularly on the health side, so getting these done in a sensible time frame became my focus towards the end.

It was only after 2 months I realised that I was on the ‘everyday train’ as prior to that it was just an excuse to practice my drawing. From then, as I was able to produce a better quality of work in the same time frame - the addictive behavior kicked in and it simply turned in to seeing how far I can push myself.

The stages I have been able to recognise during these last 12 months are as follows.

1: being able to represent an idea in sketch form for the only free time I had at that time (1 hour).

2: pushing the presentation of the ideas through better rendering via markers and ink.

3: using digital as a way to push my ideas. This started to take longer than the hour i had intended.

4: starting to produce work that I would put in my portfolio. (this was a big deal for me)

5: be able to produce concepts in a few hrs that would literally take me weeks and months prior to the everyday journey.

6: using more 3d thanks to being introduced to Fusion 360.

7: making better choices as a designer. Realising that better design leads to ‘cooler’ work.

8: feeling like a concept artist rather than trying to be one.

9: feeling like I should be employed as a concept artist now, rather than hoping to be employed one day.

10: looking forward to the future as opposed to being anxious about it.

11. Finally realising that I am capable of making a telling contribution to a project/ my peers and to the industry if I continue the path that I’m on.

A day before I started these I would have said I would not be capable, let alone desire, to create a piece every day. This was not a stance of arrogance but one of insecurity. You would look at what level of work Beeple was creating (WHICH WAS ON TOP OF HIS PAID WORK) and just be blown away by the quality which in turn would make me think this is the standard dailies must be. I had also just begun to immerse myself into the creative community and seeing many artists doing everydays and to a pretty sick level too was both inspiring and intimidating. - I didn’t need that in my life.

So taking that into account I felt if I ever did this I would need to be at a better level because if I’m going to put my work out THERE then it better have some value otherwise I’m just wasting my time and I could be using that time to build a portfolio worthy of being hired and therefore fulfill my mission of making a living as a creative.

During this time via the Learn squared Slack I was noticing some impressive everyday work of some artists there. I asked their opinion for an insight of what daily pieces gives them, which was insightful but I still had no intention of doing them myself. I had a portfolio to fill, some courses I needed to finish and I wanted to secure a concept art gig - doing everydays seemed impractical and a backward step.

24 hours or a a few days later, if my memory serves me correctly, I was having a conversation with a colleague who was trying to make stand-up comedy a full-time thing. I mentioned the everyday thing to him and after a bit more talking we agreed to create something for an hour max and check-in with one another.

And so it began.

Around that time I only had 2hrs approx free time on a workday to do whatever I needed (this included eating too). So an hr seemed plausible- but it would kill my ability to do my other creative tasks. I decided that sketching would be an ideal task for this. I flopped inktober that time so this was a way to make it up.

Then the dailies got more and more extravagant and I couldn’t help but try and push what I could each day. 
Fast forward to today and I am doing pieces that took me so much time over a year ago.

I can put this down to my insecurities being pretty much nullified aside from the perma-insecurities that is simply a consequence of being a human.

Another thing is that I decided to post each daily. I had just started my first social media accounts as after going to Industry Workshops I realised that I was not privy to the extremely rich artist's community that I now feel a part of. Posting my work regardless of how poor I felt it to be really helped me fight my insecurities and just focus on getting better. It was like cognitive behavioral therapy - but for art.

Time is a very strange thing and it takes on different properties depending on whatever you are doing and creating daily transforms you - just look at my growth over this last year.

So I know what I am capable of with the limitations of time and skill. Providing I have something to work towards I can really push myself to achieve the minimum required. This bodes well for me professionally as my greatest concern was, ‘would I be able to keep pace with the way studios and freelancers operate?’

This no longer worries me. In fact I would say most worries and insecurities are largely eradicated. I have a clear road map of areas I need to improve and I’m nowhere near hitting my limits and capacity. It's up to me how far I want to push it. I hope I don’t fall off the pace.

Enough ramblings for now. It's over, it's done on to the next thing.

A special shout out to all that have taken their time to view and interact with my work. It is truly humbling when anyone appreciates what you do irrespective of what scale and level it is on. I have discovered some amazing artists and their art during this run and there is soo much crazy talent, we live in a great creative age. Embrace it.

There have also been artists who I have admired immensely and have been heavily influenced by - again for you to take time out to check out what I’m doing is really powerful. Its understated how much of an impact that brings to us artists who are struggling to make their way. That lil’ pat on the back goes a long long way. Its dope yo! We need you heavyweights and experienced artists to keep sharing your genius and a lot of you already do, please don’t stop.

Finally a special shout out to a few people whom have gone out of their way to help and encourage me in my pursuit.

Mohammed aka Momo Goods.
This guy is a superstar and has nothing but encouraged me, nudged me in the right direction and been an advocate of my growth and journey. We hit it off via the Learn Squared community and its no wonder that he is now part of that awesome organisation’s ranks because he is great at what he does.

a word on Learn Squared - What an absolutely perfect environment, culture, and crowd they have over there. It's my home- if they kick me out… I’d sleep on their lawn. If they kick me off their lawn I’d sleep in the gutter. Bottom line I love L2 and it has been a game-changer for me. Without L2 I would never have gone to Industry Workshops, never started to connect with amazing people and never had done these everyday’s. So a huge shout out to any and all involved in Learn Squared.

Maciej Kuciara - The man needs no intro - and he helped me massively thanks to his Futuristic Character Design Course. I had the pleasure of being his apprentice and the knowledge and advice he bestowed really helped me change the gears in the way I worked and my work would not look like it does now without his input and even then what I create doesn’t not do justice to what he has taught me…yet! Thank you sir.

and Finally Jr Jimeno - My fellow OG everyday buddy - we struggled and succeeded together and its awesome when you develop with someone with a similar mindset even though we tackle different disciplines. As long as we keep at it, we will get to where we want to homie!

It’s weird what just being open and putting yourself out there and giving it all you have gives you - I am the same person, my values are the same and so are my goals - but I am different, more resilient, I guess I have evolved.

Its been week of no everydays and that feels strange but I’ve taken a much-needed break. I’m hoping to produce something cool for the latest Artstation contest, working on a few cool projects and I’ll be taking part in the Kitmas Bash from the awesome Kitbash 3D crew - which will be fun. And of course still making the transition to full-time concept artist - so if you know a guy who needs a guy like me send ‘em my details :)

And that's that. Spam Complete.




Everyday's - Month 11

General / 03 August 2019


Damn that was rough!
I remember stating last time around that this month would be very complimentary to my creative pursuits time-wise... I was soo wrong about that. I’m glad I made it through. WTF! It was like a Rick and Morty episode that gets crazier and crazier.
The Kit-bashing intensified these last 30days, mostly due to necessity, because of the time such a workflow saves and also because I got hold of some very very nice kits.
The first one I stumbled upon was from Andrew Averkin - a badass in his own right but a great enough guy to give a lot of stuff for free and one of his offerings was a Hard-Surface kit which has some delicious elements.

Then Maxx Burman and Co. dropped Kitbash3D and as soon as I saw him demo it on his L2 Twitch stream AND that they had a Tokyo Kit I was sold. I must admit I do struggle with rendering in 3D and I ‘waste’ a ton of time by button bashing but once I got/get a better grasp, the speed it offers you and the ideas that come as a result means this is a really efficient way to cook up ideas - ready to be refined later on. Ultimately if I was good a rendering then I could be pretty prolific when using 3D kits to cook up ideas. So I shall work on that indeed.

Its clear that my ‘standard’ level has improved and there is a very loose consistency in the quality of work that I’m producing now. Though it's easy to tell which days were a challenge as the quality drops off. I guess that's the beauty of everydays as you can use them as a way to study yourself and get a good picture of how you operate and what your limits are. I guess its similar to an athlete re-watching their performances. However, as with every artist I want to hit a high level with every piece I create - will it ever happen - no but I will still try and aim for it.

Inktober is here and it's cool to see how when I started everydays last year that all I could do daily was sketches and I exhausted all the time I had on them. Now I am able to produce them in addition to my daily piece and I like that I am quicker and efficient with them and less ‘give-a-fucky’ with them which is allowing me to focus on the important such as form - perspective or just outright experimentation.

This following month (plus 5days) will likely be my last of this everyday journey - so hopefully it's a good one. Till then. 🖖🏼